Talks and Presentations

Here you can find a list of the talks and presentations I’ve given. Do note that these are only presentations where I’ve been one of the presenters, so I’m excluding those I collaborated with but someone else gave the talk. When possible, I have also included the slides.

Previous Talks

  • Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez. “Name Biases in Automated Essay Assessment”, presented at the Mormor Karl Open House (November 29, 2023). (slides)

  • Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez. “Intrinsic Bias Metrics Do Not Correlate with Application Bias”, presented at the CLASP reading group on language and perception (October 6th, 2023). (slides, based on the paper with the same name)

  • Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez. “Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Combat Disinformation”, presented at Grammatikfestival 2023 at the University of Gothenburg (March 24th, 2023). (link, slides)

  • Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez. “Using the Flow of Information to Detect False News (Idea Seminar)”, presented at the Högre seminarium of the Department of Swedish, Multilingualism, Language Technology at the University of Gothenburg (January 23rd, 2023). (slides)

  • Anna Lindahl, Arianna Masciolini, Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez, Stian Rødven-Eide. “A gentle introduction to argument mining”, presented at the CLASP Seminar (October 21st, 2022). (link, slides)

  • Ricardo Muñoz Sánchez, Luisa Flores, Matias Rodriguez Otero. “Sesgo y equidad en el aprendizaje automático”, presented at an Apli hands-on meeting (September 29, 2021).