NOTE: This is a placeholder page for my hobbies, it is incomplete as of 2022-10-05.

Not everything in life is work, our passions are as important to how we define ourselves (or even more so).

Here you can see some of my hobbies and how I relate to them. Some of these have their own pages with pictures and/or more descriptions.


NOTE: Talk about photography. Link to a gallery of pictures.


NOTE: Talk about cooking. Link to a gallery of my dishes.

Miniature Painting

NOTE: Talk about miniature painting and Warhammer. Link to a gallery of painted minis.

Language Learning

In addition to working with languages, I also enjoy learning new ones. The languages I can communicate in are the following:

  • Spanish (my mother tongue)
  • English
  • French (basic communication)
  • Swedish (currently learning)

Other languages I’ve tried to learn in the past (and will get back to eventually):

  • Arabic
  • Japanese